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Johannean Living Memory Project

Johannean Living Memory Project

Johannean Oral History Series I and II, 2010-2011

Johanneans have many unique stories.

Whether it is their experiences during wartime, going through social changes in China or starting a new life in a new environment, these stories shape the Johannean tradition and identity. The Johannean Living Memory Project Oral History Series is a special project organized by St. John’s College at the University of British Columbia. The Oral History Series aims to record and conserve the memories, culture, and traditions of St. John’s University through oral history interviews so that these memories will not be forgotten. The recorded videos act as a way to honour individual Johanneans through the sharing of their stories and their contributions to the Johannean tradition.

Watch the interviews here:

Johannean Stanley Kwok

Joahnnean Marjory Liu

Johannean Harry Wong

Johannean Kwok Wai Hung

Johanneans Alex Yu and Chih Hsu

Johannean Helena Kan

Johannean Larry Ma

Johannean David Hsiung

Living Memory Committee Members: Aaron Tam, Anna Belogurova, Lisi Feng, Yoel Kornreich

Johannean Archives 2011-2013

Keeping the Johannean spirit alive.

The Johannean Archives, established in 2012, preserves and makes accessible the history and heritage of St. John’s University and St. John’s College. The Archives collects items from all over the world, including the St. John’s University Alumni Association newsletter “The Johannean”, book publications, archival records, sound and audio-visual materials, photographs, artifacts, and electronic documents. While the St. John’s University material acts as a way to record the lives and spirit the of the Johanneans, the St. John’s College material acts to encourage all residents, faculty, visiting scholars and staff to build their dreams and create their own paths.

Living Memory Committee Members: Afton Douglas, Charlotte Shao, Chelsea Shriver, Dawn Wong, Florian Heinkel, Giselle Tian, Kristof Kessler, Nicholas Kelly, Richard Yang, Sarah Meli, Tatchai Titichetrakun, Tsu-Ting Yang, Winnie He.

Residents at SJC working in the Archive Room. Photo courtesy of Shuo Yang.

Residents at SJC working in the Archive Room.        Photo courtesy of Shuo Yang.


Johannean Digital Collection

Living Memories: A Johannean Digital Collection, created through the collaboration of the University of British Columbia’s St. John’s College and the Johanneans of Shanghai’s St. John’s University (1869-1952), is an online celebration of the 15th anniversary of the founding of UBC’s St. John’s College in September 2012. The Johanneans are the alumni of Shanghai’s St. John’s University. It offers both a retrospective and contemporary look at the rich heritage of St. John’s University: a look at life, culture, and tradition. It is a tribute to the Johanneans who dared to dream, who committed themselves to carrying on the legacy and fellowship of the University. Many of the original Johanneans are now in their mid 80s to mid 90s and have dispersed worldwide.

The Living Memories digital collection is a priority given the University of British Columbia’s mission of preserving and understanding human and intellectual histories. Anticipating the Living Memories digital collection being one of the pilot collections for a research project on Hong Kong Canadians led by Dr. Henry Yu, the Principal of St. John’s College and a history professor from the University of British Columbia, a transition to permanent storage in the UBC Library is planned. With this in mind, the Living Memories digital collection has been created according to policies and standards for collection development, scanning and meta data collection as outlined by UBC Digital Initiatives.

Access the Digital Collection: http://cdm15935.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/p15935coll11


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